• The Continuous-Deployment Platform for Hackers.

    Minimalist container orchestration on top of Ansible.

  • Designed for dynamic environment and purity


  • How does Playlabs work ?





    Playlabs Init

    Init your ssh user with your key and secure sshd and passwordless sudo:

    playlabs init root@


    # all options are ansible options are proxied


    playlabs init @somehost --ask-become-pass



    Playlabs Install

    Now your user can install roles:  

    playlabs install docker,firewall,nginx @somehost



    Playlabs Deploy

    And deploy a project, examples:  

    playlabs @somehost deploy image=betagouv/mrs:master


    playlabs @somehost deploy

    image=betagouv/mrs:master plugins=postgres,django,uwsgi backup_password=foo prefix=ybs instance=hack env.SECRET_KEY=itsnotasecret


    playlabs @somehost deploy

    prefix=testenv instance=$CI_BRANCH image=$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:$CI_COMMIT_SHA